A Core Item is an item with a state recycling fee attached to it. The following Core Items carry an extra cost because the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has decided that they all need to be recycled, for the greater good of the environment. Those items include Televisions or Monitors, Any item with Freon, Tires, and Mattresses or Box Springs.

The reason behind this extra cost is that the Transfer Stations have to employ additional people to strip down, separate, and recycle these items. As a result, they charge us a per item cost to dump these items. We pass that same cost along to you, no upcharge, just a pass through.

As of the date of this posting the charge per item for Televisions or Monitors, Items with Freon, and Tires are $25 per item. The cost for Mattresses or Boxsprings is $60 per item.

Some towns offer curbside pick up for some of these items at a similar or reduced rate. The reason the towns can, at times, offer a reduced rate is because they sign long-term contracts with their waste management companies and, at times, the contract reflects the transfer station pricing at the time the contract was signed, and will not be updated until the contract is renewed. We, by all means, encourage you to contact your town about core item pricing and curbside pick up. Our goal here at Affordable is to educate our customers because, we know, that a happy customer will be a repeat customer and our business was built on repeats and referrals.

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