Why choose Affordable Junk Removal over a Bagster?

You’ve seen the bagsters sold at big box hardware stores and you wonder if this is a good deal? Well here is the skinny. Bagsters in our area cost $29.95 for the bag. The collection company then charges $179 to pick up that bag once you have spent your Saturday loading it. The max volume of the bag is 3 Cubic Yards. So now you’re into it for $208.95 plus tax, plus the hours and relaxation time lost loading it up! And that’s not getting into all the limits on items and weight that the Bagster has, short story, fewer items, more money!

Now let’s say you instead decide to call Affordable Junk Removal. Our trucks are 10 Cubic Yards. Our pricing is simple, $150 for the first 1/4 truck, $250 for a half a truck, $350 for 3/4 of a truck, and $400 to fill a truck. So comparing apples to apples, we give you 5 cubic yards for just about the same money as that 3 cubic yard Bagster, BUT

2. You didn’t have to drive to the box store and buy the bag
3. You didn’t have to spend your Saturday hauling all your junk to the bag.
4. You simply point at your items, regardless of where they are located in the house, and our friendly professionals carry them out.
5. You didn’t have to go online and schedule your Bagster pick up.
6. You don’t have to battle with the pickup driver when you put a forbidden item in it!

Moral of the story here folks? Save yourself the head ache, back ache and wallet ache and call Affordable. Spend your days off lounging around the house and leave the heavy lifting to us! Call today 774-287-1133 or visit us online at www.TakeAwayJunk.com, let’s talk trash!

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