It’s very difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one and the subsequent clean out of their home. Here are a few tips to make the job a little easier:

1. Find a reputable estate clean out professional, look at the reviews for estate clean out companies in your area. Check Yelp and Google Reviews and let past customers be your guide.

2. Ask how long the job should take start to finish. Most reputable companies can clean out the entire house in a day or two, and this includes setting aside/donating anything that doesn’t belong in a landfill.

3. Be prepared to pay half before the start of the job and half upon completion. This is another sign of how reputable companies do business.

4. Make sure all relatives that are wanting to keep any memento items from the home have done so before the start of the job. That way the house can be cleaned out completely.

5. Verify with the company that you hired that the house will be left broom swept. There should be very little for you to do after the cleanout.

Affordable Junk Removal is always available to arrange a clean out in your time of need. We can get the job done in very little time and make the entire process as easy as possible.