When you moved into this house you loved all of the space. Your garage, your basement, it was twice as big as your last space, how would you ever even fill it? Fast forward 5 years, the basement has stacks of boxes still not unpacked from the move, that with one false move could mame a small child. The garage has been taken over by tools, sports equipment, lawn, and snow gear, let’s face it you haven’t stepped foot in it in years. You curse the garage door every time you have to clear a foot of snow off of the car! It’s time to do something about it. You jump on social media and ask your friends who to call. The overwhelming response is always Affordable Junk Removal. You read our online reviews, and clearly, we are the bee’s knees.

So here is what to expect my desperate friends. We know that the struggle is real. We also have kids and cars and, let’s face it, crap, that is taking over our lives. But don’t fret, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s pretty easy actually, just give us a call at 774-287-1133.

Heres what to expect:

Affordable Junk Removal services Metro-West from Watertown to Worcester, from Hudson to Northern Rhode Island, and everywhere in between. Our Junk Removal trucks are equivalent to a 10-yard dumpster. In layman’s terms that mean its 10 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 4 feet tall. So basically think about the size of a single car garage, about four feet high. That is considered a full truckload. Trying to figure out how much stuff you actually have is half the battle, so we make it easy with our straight forward pricing.

You only pay for what you have. our small load is anything up to a quarter of a truck, the next tier is a half truck, the next is three-quarters, and finally a full truck. There are two ways to do it. You can simply walk around your house, garage, attic, yard, etc and point to the items you want to be removed and our Junk Removal Professionals will grab them and take them away. Option two is to create a pile in your garage or driveway and we pull up, load it. and take it away. The difference between the two is $50 for a full truckload, so it’s up to you, whatever is easier in your busy life.

You book an appointment over the phone. You’re ready, let’s do this. What you will ask us and what we will ask you?

  1. What do you have? We want to make sure that we have the right tools on hand for the job. Getting rid of furniture? We will bring a drill and Sawzall. Need a water tank taken out of the basement? We will bring a special dolly. Need some demo? We will bring our friendly sledgehammer. You get the idea.
  2. Where is it located? Trying to get a piano out of a 3rd-floor walk up? That requires some planning on our part. Cleaning out a basement that only has bulkhead access in a foot of snow? We need a shovel. Need some cubicles removed from your office? We need parking permission and elevator keys. You catch my drift.
  3. What will we take? The short answer is just about everything. The only items we don’t take are gas, wet paint, oil, propane, hazardous materials or anything that was once living and breathing. Everything else is fair game.
  4. How much will it cost? 1/4 truck starts at $150, 1/2 truck $250, 3/4 truck $350 or a full truck is $400. That gives you 1 ton (2,000) pounds. If you are getting rid of super heavy stuff (like shingles, brick, etc) you add $25 per quarter load. If you have it all in a pile in the driveway or garage, a full truck is only $350.
  5. What happens when they show up? Our guys come in specialized dump trucks that are clearly identified with Affordable Junk Removal signage. They are uniformed, wearing safety orange. They will review the pricing with you again if need be, load up, and be out of your hair in no time. You pay them with cash, check, or credit card as soon as they are done. They will give you a receipt to save for tax purposes and be on their way.
  6. Where does my stuff go? Anything that can be recycled will be. We never go direct to landfill. Everything that can’t be recycled back into the community goes to transfer stations for more recycling. We always dispose of everything legally, in the most environmentally friendly methods available. Again, we have kids too, we get it.

A day or so before your appointment you get a friendly reminder call. The day of you get a call about a half hour before the actual arrival time, Here we come to save the day!

Our guys show up. Load up, and head out. You run to social media and praise all of your friends for this terrific, almost life-saving, suggestion. Mission accomplished. And you Didn’t Lift a Finger!

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