Full truck-load special we fill our entire truck for you - only $650*   

 *Items with individual recycling fees, called core items, will be charged separately

Core Items include:

  • MATTRESSES AND BOXSPRINGS Are A Extra Cost please call for pricing 774-287-1133
  • Oil based paints, flammable solvents, gasoline, oil or any hazardous fluids are completely prohibited.
  • Completely dried out latex paint is acceptable and no extra charge.

• Air Conditioners, Washers, Dryers, Stoves,  Water Coolers, Water Heaters, Televisions, Computer Monitors, Refrigerators, Freezers, Dehumidifiers, Anything with Freon, Tires  ($50 each)

• Mattresses  & Boxsprings  Are A Extra Cost Please Call For pricing 774-287-1133

THESE FEES ARE CHARGED BY THE COMMERCIAL TRANSFER STATIONS TO MEET STATE RECYCLING GUIDELINES, they are not a fee charged or determined by Affordable Junk Removal. The transfer stations will not accept these items if the fees are not paid. The transfer station charges us and we pass it on to you. 

Estate and Foreclosure Clean-outs

Estimated Pricing:

Dumpsters: We will drop and fill our dumpsters on location, usually cleaning out an entire home in just a day or two. Rates will be quoted at the time of in-person estimate but will be the cheapest alternative available.

We will find the most economical method to clean out your estate, whether it be individual truckloads or dumpster(s).

The decision will be based on weight and volume of rubbish, and the amount of items eligible for donation.

Dumpster Rentals

Dumpster Pricing  - 14 Day Dumpster Rental

$399 Special 15-Yard  Dumpster comes with 1 ton (2,000lbs), If it goes over 1 ton we pro rate it at $200 pr ton

Multiple Dumpsters or ongoing dumpster needs?  Call for rock bottom pricing.

Call us now for more info at 774-287-1133 or email us at affordablejunkremoval@gmail.com