Autumn Decluttering: September Junk Removal Guide for New England Residents

As September’s crisp air ushers in the vibrant hues of fall in New England, it’s the ideal moment for homeowners to embark on a decluttering journey. Discover why this month is prime for junk removal, glean top tips for efficient decluttering, and ensure an eco-friendly disposal process in our latest guide. Ready to embrace the season with a tidier space? Dive in!

Junk Removal Madness

Do you ever feel like your home is being taken over by a swarm of unwelcome junk? Fear not, brave soul, for there is a solution that will have you laughing in the face of clutter. Introducing: Junk Removal Madness!

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company for a Clutter-Free Home

    The Benefits of Hiring a Professional Junk Removal Company for a Clutter-Free Home “A clutter-free home is a happy home.” Are you tired of dealing with the mess and chaos of junk piling up in your home? It’s time to reclaim your space and restore order to your living environment. Hiring a professional […]

Estate Cleanouts

Estate Cleanouts and why hiring a Junk Removal Company is Great Do you have a property that’s full of unwanted stuff that needs to go, like yesterday? We know how overwhelming an estate clean-out can be; there’s nothing quite as daunting as walking through an old house and trying to figure out what to do […]

Junk Removal and Why It’s Important For Your Health

What’s the one thing healthier than eating your greens and exercising every day? You guessed it – getting rid of that pesky junk pile in your house! Not only does removal of unwanted items help declutter your space and promote a calm environment, but it can also have an amazing impact on your health. From […]

President’s Day 2023

Happy Presidents Day from Affordable Junk Removal! Today, we remember the incredible presidents of our country, those who have shaped our nation for the better. We are also reminded of the power we each have to make a difference in our communities, even if it starts with something as small as removing junk from your […]

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Affordable Junk Removal! This February, show yourself some love and let us help you remove all the unwanted junk cluttering up your home. We offer unbeatable rates for junk removal services – no matter the size or scope of the job, we’ll get it done quickly and efficiently so you can […]

Dumpster Rental Benefits

When you think of renting a dumpster, you might not realize all the benefits that come along with it. But trust us, there are plenty! Here are just a few reasons why you should consider renting a dumpster the next time you have a big project. You can get rid of all your junk […]

Dumpster Rentals

Introducing: A More Affordable Way to Remove Your Junk Dumpster rental doesn’t have to be a pain in the neck (or wallet). That’s where we come in! We’re a locally owned and operated dumpster rental company, so we don’t have the same high overhead as the big franchises. That means our prices are way lower. […]

Junk Removal Services

Looking to get rid of some junk? We can help! We’re Affordable Junk Removal and we’re the premiere Junk Removal company in town. If you’ve got junk, we can take it off your hands for a fraction of the price of the other guys. Why pay more when you don’t have to? Contact us and […]