So you’re ready to regain some of your space? It’s time for Junk Removal Services or a Dumpster Rental. Here’s what you need to know about Core Items…

Core Items are certain items that carry a recycling fee. This recycling fee is charged by the Transfer Station. In basic terms, the powers that be, in an effort to save mother earth, have mandated recycling on certain items. The end game is to help save the planet.

The list of “Core Items” is pretty short and sweet:

  • Air Conditioners, Fridges, Freezers, or anything with Freon.
  • Mattresses and Boxsprings
  • Televisions or Monitors
  • Tires

These are items that need to be recycled. Certain components can be reused. Reduce, reuse, recycle, its best for all of us. Affordable Junk Removal doesn’t up charge you on these fees. Its just a pass through, we charge you what they charge us.

We also never go direct to landfill. Everything and anything that can be recycled will be. Visit our pricing page for a list of core item charges. These are the only “extra” charges that we have. And again, we pay these charges when we take in the load.

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